University of Revolution: PORTRAITS

An Cosantóir (The Defender) is the Irish Defence Forces monthly magazine. Recently, I produced some artwork and layout design for an article about the Irishmen that were detained and sent to Frongoch Prison in Wales after the 1916 Easter Rising. I'm looking forward to sharing some images of the final pages once I get my hands on a copy of the magazine. For now, here's some of the imagery I produced, adjusted to stand-alone pieces. Click each image for a fuller view.
From clockwise: Michael Collins, Dick Mulcahy, Terence MacSwiney, Oscar Traynor.



It took a bit of time to get these done. Life distractions and all. I'd like to do the whole squad, past players etc too. I'll be working on another round of images for the upcoming RBS 6Nations and the Rugby World Cup.



The leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. A small project I'd wanted to get finished for a long time. All the paintings were created on the ipad. I also want to make animated gifs for each of the paintings. I'll get to that soon enough. James Connolly is actually my great great grandfather, I would love to have the chance to have a long talk with him.

Prints of each of the images will be available soon. Watch this space and my Facebook page for details. A new interactive project about the 1916 Rising is available on my other site here.



These are personal and commissioned pieces. Use the images below to go through the gallery.



I used to work for a long time in a warehouse. In an exercise in trying to both keep my brain from frying and developing my observation skills, I started making quick caricatures of some of the guys and girls I work with. I'd get a quick sketch down during the day on some post-its, then soup it up using the iPad and a decent stylus. I'm happy with the result and probably more the speed I got them done. Also included, a few work-related cartoons.

Click the images for a closer look.