I’ve recently finished a demo reel to showcase some of the more polished bits of video (both professional & personal) that I’ve created over the last year. As an exercise, it’s nice to be able to look back over work I created 6 months ago and see the improvements in my approaches towards the same problems now that I have a bit of extra knowledge under my belt.


Hello, World!




THE INTRO TITLES OF MY tv show version of 'TodayBackThen'. Taking the illustrations I created for my TodayBackThen website, I’ve dissected them into layers, animated them in Adobe After Effects, and added sfx from the BBC's recently opened effects archive (visit the site here). I was aiming for an audience somewhere beyond 'Horrible Histories', but not as far as a 'grown-up's' history show.




Jaguar Land Rover started an initiative to spread the benefits of mindfulness practice to their employees. They wanted this to be applicable to anyone in the business, across any department. Our solution was to create a video that illustrates the kinds of issues that anyone could face during their day and the simple steps they could take to maintain their wellbeing. The video sits within a larger e-learning module about Mindfulness Practice. Below is a snip of the storyboard and the finished video. I’m responsible for all asset creation and animations.


PROJECT : Transmission System

Jaguar Land Rover approached us looking to support their Transmissions department in creating suite of short videos about what happens and how when an transmission system in a car is operating. Finding solutions and delivering accurate messages, with the right consistency of look and feel across the suite was important.



Jaguar Land Rover approached us looking to support their communication strategy for rolling out a new attendance management policy across the organisation. They were keen to ensure everyone understood the positive impact their attendance has on the business as a whole.

Getting this video out on time, was a pretty big win because there were a range of stakeholders to satisfy within a short period of time, and the deadline was immovable. Thoughtful collaboration between the team’s instructional designer and myself resulted in a video that the client was happy to release across the business.



Ashorne Hill Management College has been in the training and development sector for over 60 years. Over the last few months, we’ve been dipping our toes in the water for video production and editing. This has given me the opportunity to enhance my video editing/post-production skills and explore the best ways to combine live action video with animated graphics in Adobe After Effects.

This montage shows a few extracts from our most recent videos that focus on Early Career development, with topics and models covering Situational Awareness, The Anger Cycle and Action Centred Leadership. For me, the various challenges of each new video has brought new opportunities to learn from.



Before switching to a multi-media developer role within Ashorne Hill, I was responsible for e-learning design using Articulate Storyline. In the early days, we had an almost ‘cradle to grave’ approach to the projects in terms of ownership. I was responsible for the look/feel and technical development of each project. The conditional logic and use of complex interrelated triggers in the building of projects was something new, so it was a switch in gears for me. More example will be added soon.



In this scenario-based module on ‘New Starters’ the user goes through 3 new starters experiences and asks that they highlight the potential mistakes an inexperienced employee might make. To follow this comic-style narrative, I wanted to create a ‘clean halftone’ style that I felt looked a bit more subtle TO examples I’d seen previously ON THESE COURSES.



Firecrest Clinical is an industry leader in web-based e-learning that makes tailored training courses for major pharmaceutical companies worldwide, including Astra-Zeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis. I first learned to illustrate and animate using Flash when I began working as a designer in their e-learning team. I ended up becoming a lead illustrator there which meant I had a fair hand in driving the look of the end product. I still love to create some of my graphics in Flash/Adobe Animate. Below is a small sample of the kind of graphics and animations I've created. Tap any of the images for a closer look.



During my time in Viva-Aspire, a Birmingham city-based design and marketing company, I worked on a number of Flash projects. One of their biggest clients is the travel group Amadeus. They asked us to produce a short game for their customers in the travel agency sectors and an e-learning module about the benefits of using Amadeus services.

Aligning to their brand guidelines, I was responsible for developing all the graphics and animation in Animate and overall look of the game while the action-script was handled by an external developer. Tap any of the images for a closer look.