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GAA Bots: Gathered Sketches

Ah, my old GAABots project. This is one I'll be revisiting in the near future. At one time I wanted to make a 'really simple' game. Just a cannonball physics/distance style game. I really like doing the concept 'grunt' work...figuring out compositions in thumbs, iterative changes etc. I figure since I don't have the time to make a full game, I can use some of my AE skills to make it look like I've made the game. A nice animated intro...flashy cut scenes and titles and back story...I'm looking forward to getting this video made!

gaa thumbs1.png
gaabots bkgd line1.png
gaa scribbles2.jpg
gaaBot Kneeling.jpg
The 2014 Calendar of Sawbridge-isms

My girlfriend has a tendency to mix up her phrases...a lot. As a gift, I created a desktop calendar for her. I took some of her best mix-ups and made little illustrations for them. Some photos of the final calendar and each of the illustrations beneath. For a closer look, clicking on any of the small images will bring them up to a larger size. I think most of them are like we're looking in on what she's saying. Like a confused fly on the wall...