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Childrens Book: Update 1

It’s been a hectic few months and it’s been a long time since I’ve posted any updates on the book. A few of the pages are done now. The last kids book post was when styles were still being developed. These are leaning toward much more finished pieces. I look forward to getting to spend a bit more time on it.

Judge Dredd

A old buddy of mine recently tagged me in a Facebook post saying 2000AD were looking for a new comic-book artist. Now, not that I have the chops to be a comic book artist, it got me thinking that I hadn't drawn Judge Dredd in about 25 years...which makes me feel really old. So I did one and submitted it to 2000AD's quarterly competition. Next up, I'm drawing everybody's favourite blue-skinned G.I., Rogue Trooper...

Donnacha and Tomás

I was in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, sticking to the shade and heard some commentary for the Ireland/Australia rugby game coming out of a bar, so walked in to check the score. We got prime seats to watch the game and a bunch of ex Ireland players were there. I was awestruck. Anyways, I bribed a couple of them with the promise of a drawing in exchange for a quick pic and chat. I've already posted a bunch of others but was happy to add Donnacha Ryan and Tomás O Leary to the number.

Woody and Lol

Woody and Lol, eh? What stellar performances from Joe Gilgun and Vicky McClure as these two. I can't recall a couple universally accepted as them as 'meant to be'. Any time I see the final scenes of This is England, it still brings a tear. Absolute gems.

Like most of the other paintings I've done recently, this was made in Procreate. With a little bit of Photoshop to soup the levels. I've a gallery of other movie inspired images here. 

Today Back Then - New Website

I've been working pretty hard the last couple of months on creating work for a new site. It's the direction I've been looking for a tighter angle of direction in my work for a long time. It focuses it more and I think it's an area that lends itself to a wide variety of topics I'm interested in. So, I've put up a new site. I'd be happy if you've managed to come to this site, you could pay visit to my new one. I know that it still needs a lot of work, but the important thing is that it's live.

I'll be expanding the areas of focus and kinds of content throughout the year so stay tuned. I have a FB page and will be setting up accounts across other social media platforms soon also.

Here's the image from today to give you a taster.

History Illustrated

So I have a direction I want my work to move in. It combines a triple dose of my passions; illustration, history and education. That's the direction in a nutshell but I have further focuses and ambitions within these areas I plan to press ahead with. Ive already been working on this but not at full tilt because other projects needed closing out. 

I'm excited about the possibilities of the project(s) and feel this is a real good direction for my work to go in. I have multiple angles that I want to use when creating the projects. Planned objectives and outcomes are being put in place. This sounds more business like than I usually would, but thats no bad thing. Strategy! Implementation!

I'm sticking up a few images as previews. No finished work here yet, but that's fine. I only really stick up finished work and sometimes that means too much time between posts, so I want to change that...Now it's about putting more work up, more often. I think writing these posts helps to get down what I'm thinking and helps narrow the focus a bit.

I won't bother with detailing so much what he images are about  but I'm using some traditional media again in creating the work. Here's a little bit of what I've done so far...

Irish Rugby Team

So, it’s finished. I said I wanted to do at least 15 players. Well, I beat that by one! I would like to do the whole squad, past and current players. There's loads of other players I'd like to draw...O'Gara, Jackson, Hayes, Willie John McBride. It's a long list. Time does not allow, I’m afraid. And you know what they say about time...I have other projects to begin working on.  [The last image is a gallery. Give it a click and go through all the mugshots.]

Okay-already, I will be doing some more! Just in time for the Six Nations and a little thing called The World Cup!!!. I love it! I think I’ll have at least each captain from the teams. I’ll also be doing a few sketches of the ladies teams (Can’t be forgetting about the girls now!). Come back for more!

My dear old Nan passed away at the start of the year. We have a lovely photo of her sitting in the garden and I wanted to paint it for my own Ma. I spent quite a while painting this one, I didn't want to look back on it in a few weeks and see all the imperfections staring me in the face. It was created entirely in Procreate. Usually I'll get some pencil lines down first, but skipped that step this time.

Anyways, here's the finished painting and a couple of details. Clicking them will bring up larger sizes.

Alex: A Clockwork Orange

I learned a bit more about the movie and book while making this. I had liked the original sketch I'd done but could never make it work. This turned out to be a tough one actually, but I've learned I really need to up my painting levels. Despite the theatrical language and costume from the scene the image here shows Alex contemplative and sinister, but quick to rebuke his brother Dim 'for being a bastard with no manners.' 

For more movie images, hit the link.

I think I just like the simplicity of the eyes, but couldn't replicate it faithfully to paint. It could never work on something with a focal point like that! What was I thinking..?

The Bleeders

Another in my images influenced from my 'other work'...the warehouse. It's another movie style poster featuring a number of faces from work. Anyone else who works with me on my level will recognise the mountains of work that needs doing, while 'the leaders' discuss business over cups of coffee outside under the smoking shed. Fair play to them...This started as a pen sketch, then was worked up in Procreate. I've put the rough and final versions up.

1916 Easter Rising Leaders

The leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. A small project I'd wanted to get finished for a long time. All the paintings were created on the ipad. I also want to make animated gifs for each of the paintings. I'll get to that soon enough. James Connolly is actually my great great grandfather, I would love to have the chance to have a long talk with him.

Prints of each of the images will be available soon. Watch this space and my Facebook page for details.