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1916 Easter Rising Leaders

The leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising. A small project I'd wanted to get finished for a long time. All the paintings were created on the ipad. I also want to make animated gifs for each of the paintings. I'll get to that soon enough. James Connolly is actually my great great grandfather, I would love to have the chance to have a long talk with him.

Prints of each of the images will be available soon. Watch this space and my Facebook page for details. 

1916 Easter Rising / 7 Leaders: WiP

I'm working on a series of paintings of the leaders of the Easter Rising. All of them have been created on the ipad using Procreate and the Maglus Stylus. I'm keeping track of my own progress with this post. Here's the stages and completed version of one of the images I've finished. Once they're all done, I'm gonna stitch em' all together and create some gif images of them. One thing at a time though...  


Final image.