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The Bleeders

Another in my images influenced from my 'other work'...the warehouse. It's another movie style poster featuring a number of faces from work. Anyone else who works with me on my level will recognise the mountains of work that needs doing, while 'the leaders' discuss business over cups of coffee outside under the smoking shed. Fair play to them...This started as a pen sketch, then was worked up in Procreate. I've put the rough and final versions up.

The QCrew

The QCrew is an old old comic I did when I was working in Quinnsworth! That's how old it (and I, sob!) is! It documents the troubles faced by a lowly shop-floor worker.

I finally got around to scanning and making it into a pdf. When I first made it, there was Pritt Stick and paper cuttings all over the floor. It was a pain in the ass cutting out all those word bubbles, man. I remember painting over spots of ink, trying to keep the panels clean. I really resisted the urge (in 98.5 % cases) to change the dialogue, but I did have to re-do the letters digitally to make 'em legible. 

I'm glad it's over. Here is the full comic to download...

The QCrew