Graphic Design : Self-initiated


Occasionally, I get the opportunities to work on branding and identities.


Brainship was an application I was asked to work on for the iPad. Aimed toward children between  ages 5-14 to help improve their math skills. After a few weeks work though, things fell through and the project never went ahead. I did quite a bit of work developing the project, including a logo, character work and how some of the screens would have looked. Although, I was disappointed that the developer guy I was working with dropped off the face of the Earth, never to be heard from again. I would like the chance to work on similar projects in the future.



I first learned to illustrate and animate using Flash when I began working as a designer for an e-learning company in Ireland. I ended up becoming a lead illustrator there which meant I had a fair hand in driving the look of the end product. I still love to create some of my graphics in Flash/Adobe Animate. Below is a small sample of the kind of graphics and animations I've created. Hit the images to view larger.

Firecrest Clinical

These were produced during my time at Firecrest Clinical. They are one of the top e-learning companies around, producing training courses for the clinical trials of pharmaceutical industry giants.


Viva Aspire / Amadeus

During my time in  Viva-Aspire, a Birmingham city based design and marketing company, I worked on a number of Flash projects. One of their biggest clients is the travel group Amadeus. They asked us to produce a short game for their own customers in the travel agency sectors.

I was responsible for developing all the graphics and animation and overall look of the game while the action-script was handled by an external developer.