Illustration and Motion Design

I help businesses, educators and non-profits tell their stories in meaningful ways.





Each video I make goes through a series of stages to make sure it delivers the message you need in terms of scope, style and something else. The collaborative process begins with the script

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Drawing and illustration really are my first loves. I remember getting in trouble for creating a big bedroom wall mural of my favourite comic characters that ended up being a nightmare to remove years later. (Sorry, Da!). I can work in a variety of styles, from a clean, corporate aesthetic to a more graphic or painterly approach. Using singular images or building a narrative, illustration can be an invaluable and cost-effective way to deliver your message.

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I originally came from a graphic design background. This practice of displaying information in logical and. My first decent role was working as an e-learning designer. Fast forward a few years, this has taken me to my role as Multimedia Designer, I take lead responsibility for all aspects of illustration and graphical asset creation, motion graphics. I can work across a number of styles to suit the content or match previously defined guidelines. I have also helped to develop marketing materials for other aspects of the business, including branded digital comms and presentations. Below is a small selection, showing a bit of ideation and finished icons.




How I can help with your next project.


I believe it’s my variety of experience that makes me a good match to your current needs. Working in professional environments across several disciplines for over a decade, I have been responsible for producing engaging, creative solutions for large organisations across multiple sectors. I’m not all about the big corporates though. I’m often working with smaller companies to create more bespoke work or with individuals to create gifts in the form of smaller, more personal pieces.

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